JP Air Tech is a proven expert in filtration and processing of dust and powder particles.

We advise the specific filter media solutions and distribute connecting systems, which are suitable for every process need. With an ample and diverse stock based in Nakskov, Denmark- centered in Northern Europe, we provide timely shipments and worldwide dispatch.

With more than 20 years in the filtration industry, we have earned our reputation that offers quality service and products. We deliver proven technical assistance that finds the proper solution to separate dust and other particles from the air.


For different dust and conditions, we offer different high performance filter materials.

Base Product:
Polyester Spunbonded Non Wowen Fabric Plain
Basic Weight: 130g/m2 to 260g/m2
Feature: High air permeability, Low pressure drop, Good dust release and Long service life

Polyester Spunbonded Non Wowen+ PTFE-Mem.
Feature: Hight filtration efficiency (H11) and extreamely good dust release
Can be aplide to any base product.

Static Conductive:
Product: Aluminium Coating on base product, PTFE-Membrane or HO treated materials
Feature: Good electric Conductivity

Water & Oil Repellent:
Can be aplide to any base product.
Feature: Water and Oil repellent performance, Good dust release in high humidity areas.

Flame Retardant:
Can be aplide to any base poduct.
Feature: non-flammeable and good dust release

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